You can have your cake and eat it

Well, that was the intention when we used the excuse of going to play golf at Dunverty Golf Club at Southend to visit Muneroy Tearoom. It is a simple drive down the Mull of Kintyre which makes staying at Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in Furnace near Inveraray such a good option for exploring.

(I’ll leave John to fill you in on the joys of golfing on a links course.) 

I took the dogs for a walk on the deserted beach to work up an appetite and not to think about having to wait two hours before going to Muneroy Tearoom and sampling its delights.

The sun was out, and we had a great walk on the beach.  Boo even went into the water – just up to her paw nails, but that is progress.  Mabel went mad looking for a stick but found only seaweed, masquerading as sticks and a sun-bleached animal skeleton.  We moved on quickly.

After the beach walk and sitting in the golf club car park killing time, we went for a walk on a path through the course to meet John at the 18th.   Dogs are allowed on the course if they are on a lead and if it is not too busy.  Anyway, once we had cleared the ‘kissing gate’ and believe me that took us a good five minutes trying to untangle ourselves and getting ‘scaredy cat’ Boo through it, we walked up to the 18th and followed John back into the club house.  He said how enjoyable the course was and what lovely beaches could be reached from the far side of the course.

Anyway, not being rude and wanting to rush we loaded up the car and headed to Muneroy Tearoom.  It was now about 3pm but they were still able to serve lunches, despite it being afternoon teatime.  But we hadn’t had lunch yet, so what to do?

We managed to get a table – the place was full again and especially as this is half term in Argyll.  Slyly looking to left, to the right and over to what everyone else was eating – an amazing slice of strawberry gateaux that was a mesmerising wedge of yellow, white and vivid red, a toffee meringue as big as a baby’s head that was glistening under a golden cape of caramel, and a four layered slice of Victoria sandwich. OMG.     

So, despite looking at what everyone else was eating and drooling, we plumbed for the soup and sandwich combo and promised that we would be back to sample the cakes very soon. 

So, you can’t have your cake, without having cake!  We will be back, and I’ll take photos. Promise.