We love dogs and we are very happy to welcome friendly adult dogs and their owners.

Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in Inveraray is ideal for dogs. It has slate floors with rugs and direct access out into our secure 10-acre garden. We have established routes around the grounds that are perfect for an early morning or early evening walk with your dog.


If you want to walk your dog off-lead you can drive south to Ardcastle, and park in the forestry commission car park. It is a 15-minute drive and has miles of off-lead walking.

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A unique dog

Boo’s Bark – tips for travellers

15 September 2019

As the summer season comes to end, the trees are starting to change colour and autumn is here. It is a time for reflection. There is one idea that is very obvious to Sue and I. Most of all of our guests seem to be in a hurry to get round Scotland – Edinburgh – […]

Explosive Deals at Powdermills!

9 September 2019

Powdermills is open all year round. Our grounds are beautiful in the winter and spectacular if it snows. It might be cold outside but we guarantee a warm welcome if you visit from November to mid March. There will be a 20% discount off all rooms for this period. So, please book one of our […]

The show must go on!

8 September 2019

Bamako is the capital of what country? Bernard Herschel Schwartz is the real name of what movie star? Phobos and Deimos are the moons on what planet? Yes – the monthly Furnace Quiz night is back after a summer break. It is exactly a year since we attended our first night to test our general […]

Four and Fore!

29 August 2019

This is the sound that accompanies many of my shots at golf. I love playing but my scores are ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ – literally. I was determined to play more golf when we moved to Inveraray last year. However, that proved more difficult than I anticipated! The good golf courses are too far away to […]

What a difference a day makes!

26 August 2019

Bank holiday weekend and Powdermills discovered there was a yellow ball in the sky! What a day – the hottest of the summer and a glorious day of views down Loch Fyne, guests enjoying walks through the grounds, cutting grass and ‘daft’ boxers racing around. It is nearly a year to the day that we […]