Don’t look now – Summer has arrived in Argyll!

The last week has suddenly felt like the middle of summer here at Powdermills Bed & Breakfast in Argyll. It is as if we have missed out Spring and all the April Showers!  Of course, in Scotland it is just as likely to be snowing tomorrow. But for now, the clear skies have kick started life in Furnace.  The grass is growing and needing cut, the bees are already visible and audible, and I have even donned my shorts for the last few days. 

Sue and I have really enjoyed taking advantage of the good weather.  Last week we returned to Southend at the tip of Kintyre.  I played Dunaverty and as the saying goes, it was a beautiful walk ruined by the golf!  This week I played Dalmally 9-hole golf course nestled in a glen and surrounded by glorious mountains.   For me with a very dodgy knee, the great asset of a course like this is it’s flat.  It’s a simple course with some lovely holes over rivers and ponds.  The weather was stunning, and I will be back this week to play another round.

Today, we walked the Leacainn, a six miles round trip from Furnace to Auchindrain and back.  It was the first time our Boxer pup Boo completed this walk, or any long walk for that matter and she is currently slumped on the sofa in an exhausted coma! 

The panoramic views down Loch Fyne were as always breath-taking.  At the summit at the very end of the walk which borders Powdermills, there is a bench dedicated to Jimmy and Helen Sinclair who originally owned the land.  The bench is situated at a point that gives the full vista of Loch Fyne and it provided wonderful respite for Sue, Boo, Mabel and I before the last little walk back into Furnace.

We are home now still enjoying the vista from the lounge and I am glowing red with the effects of the sun!  Who would have believed it – sunburn in Scotland in early April!

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