Overseas and Far Away

Scotland attracts visitors from all over the world. For some, it is to sample the malt whisky at our picturesque distilleries dotted throughout the country, for others, it is to play our famous Golf links. But, for many it is to connect with their Scottish roots. These connections date back many centuries and are woven into the history of Scotland. Scots have travelled throughout the world to pioneer a new life in places as distant as Philadelphia in the USA, Toronto in Canada, or to Sydney, Australia.

Clan Map of Scotland

This Scottish diaspora left these shores for many reasons, economic opportunities, persecution or were transported to penal colonies. Regardless, these individual stories are in many ways even more interesting than the history of Kings and Queens that most of us learn in the classroom.

So, if you are planning to trace your heritage, here are six simple steps to tracing your heritage:

  1. Make a family tree.
  2. Go Online – there is a huge wealth of resources available online, such as National Records of Scotland and the Scottish Archive Network.
  3. Check Clan websites.
  4. Join a family history society.
  5. Ask a professional to investigate your family tree.
  6. Come to Scotland!

The last step is the most important – you will not be disappointed. Powdermills Bed & Breakfast near Inveraray is a fantastic staging post for your family history tour – with access the Inner and Outer Hebrides Islands and the mainland. And if you are a Campbell – it is where the Clan Chief the Duke of Argyll is based at Inveraray Castle. Of course, if you tire of all the history you can always relax and play a round of golf followed by a dram at the nineteenth hole!