Flowers of Scotland

I know what you are thinking. My husband said the same. It’s Flower of Scotland. But this  blog is about flowers and when we will see their likes again!!!  See what I did there? Anyway, for all you rugby fans not interested in flowers… turn over now.

At Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in Argyll, we never fail to tell our guests about how lovely the Leacainn Walk is and recommend the six mile circuit route to everyone.

 We walked it this beautiful Easter weekend sunshine and what an array of wild flowers were blooming on the walk.

The first we saw and it is a flower that has been out for a while now is the lovely pale yellow Primrose. On the Leacainn it is  Found close to water.  This ‘wee’ flower reminded John of his Grandfather who used to write football match reports for his East Lothian village team ‘Ormiston Primrose’.

We also came across the even smaller flower that is purple blue and which gives the old adage, ‘ne’er cast a clout until May be out’.

And the most famous flower in this part of the world that is just making an appearance in this good weather is the Scottish bluebell. This can be found in verges along the roadside in large swaths along the A83 down from Cairndow to Inverarary. This pretty Scottish wildflower is also small unlike its Spanish cousin whose bell is a lot larger.

So lots of colour is finally coming through this Spring and soon the green leaves will be out  and we are looking forward to visiting Crarae Gardens to see its world famous Rhododendrons.