“is it okay if I check in late? It is just that I am travelling from Edinburgh in a Tractor”, I was asked recently on the phone.

At Powdermills Bed and Breakfast near Inveraray we always try to be accommodating and so I said it would not be a problem. I had visions of a small tractor crawling across from Edinburgh via Glasgow, Loch Lomond to Inveraray.

Well, the tractor did arrive but it was not a small machine, it was a huge unit pulling a trailer. It is specific equipment that is used in Forestry. Fortunately we have space for parking at Powdermills but it was tight that night. We had a white truck from a guest working on a Netflix production which is being filmed locally and the van of a guest working in truck repair.

It does illustrate how diverse our guests have been, tourists from all over Europe and the UK to business travellers doing their trade. It has led to stimulating and varied conversations with all our guests. We are just so pleased that we can provide ample and secure parking in our grounds.

I was thinking of putting a message on our web site – Dog and Tractor friendly!