Bed & Breakfast Gym Part One – Mopping

Before we started out in our new roles being Powdermills Bed & Breakfast hosts, I read up on the subject, including an interview with a woman who set up a B&B about the same age as me who said that running a B&B was the hardest work she had ever done. 

A week or so into the role, I think I know what she means.

It is the physical aspect – cleaning, making beds, doing the laundry, brushing and mopping, cooking, clearing away and washing up, that is most of the work.  And, in a house the size and length of Powdermills, it is the walking back and forth to the bedrooms, and there are only three, that has seen me once walking 22,000 steps in a day.   

But in always trying to think positively, I think of the work as being a workout and possibly that it is as good as going to a gym.  The effort involved in cleaning a house or home is now being recognised as an activity equivalent to a gym work out and a burner of calories.  

Even so, anything that can help ease this effort is a bonus.  And where mopping is concerned the Vileda Turbo is such a help. 

Powdermills is completely floored with slate tiles and I love them.  Supposedly, they are easy to keep.  Were dogs are concerned, little accidents or dirty muddy paw marks are easily sorted out.  And that is almost true but mopping with a tin bucket and an old-fashioned white rope mop head that shreds rope at any opportunity, catching on the legs of any chair or bed, is hard work.  So, I decided to invest in a new mop and online found the Turbo at a reasonable price and ordered it together with extra mop heads. 

The bucket alone is worth the price on the Turbo.  In red and grey it looks like a go-cart.   And it has a natty basket feature for wringing out the mop that is activated by a foot pedal to centrifugally extract the water from the mop. Wow!  No more twisting and squishing.  Where have you been all my life!  And the mop head feels substantial and as thick as a huge cotton wool ball.  It is made of polyester and when mopping the floor is well padded, holding the right amount of water to cover a large area.

As to if the Turbo is environmentally friendly, and we all have an eye to our purchases these days, I do hope that it will last a long time, but it has revived my interest in mopping.  Just in case, however, I will keep hold of the old tin bucket just in case.