Springtime at Powdermills Bed & Breakfast

Finally…..we will open for business on Monday 26th April! We managed about seven weeks in 2020, having only starting our Bed & Breakfast in July 2019, so this will be our first full season and as long as Covid19 does not return.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic, painting, cleaning and working in the garden preparing for guests once again. The anticipation of normality is exciting especially as the gardens are in the flush of spring. This will be the first time any visitors have stayed with us in May and the grounds should be stunning. The cold weather has delayed our daffodils but they should be out in full bloom next week, our usual sea of Bluebells are starting to show and by mid May they will be joined by our wonderous Rhododendrons. Unfortunately, everything has started to grow so my grass cutting begins. I imagine it is just like ‘painting the Forth Rail Bridge’ – start at one end – get to the end – and go back!

It has been a difficult 14 months for everybody, financially and emotionally. We have not managed to see our son and daughter in law who live in Mexico for 15 months and we do not know when they might be able to travel. Our eldest daughter studies in Belgium and we thankfully saw her briefly at Christmas Our youngest daughter has been with us throughout the lockdown and she has kept us royally entertained throughout. However, the last year has been especially hard for young people, their lives have really been on hold. It cannot have been much fun for a young woman to be stuck for a long period with their parents! Fortunately she goes back to start her life in London next week.

And it looks as if everybody is ready to restart life. Indeed, we are busy with forward bookings so it seems people want to get out and take breaks away from home.

Well, Powdermills Bed & Breakfast will be very pleased to see you. We do not think you will be disappointed.

John and Sue