Amazon Junkie

‘My name is John Campbell and I am addicted to purchasing online. ‘

There I said it. I feel better already.

I suppose it has happened to you as well – buying online? We used to do some shopping online but the lockdown turned me into an ‘Amazon Junkie’. You name it and I would find somewhere to get it from online. I am addicted. The problem is not buying the ‘run of the mill’ everyday item – it is a cheap and efficient way to buy things.

No, my problem is the niche. I wonder if I could get that? Or perhaps somebody manufactures that? So, this is where my collection of football and rugby replica shirts started. It was modest at first. I wanted an old fashioned Scotland rugby shirt – just blue, white thistle logo and no advertising. I bought the 1925 Grand Slam shirt. It was beautiful and reminded me of when I would visit Forsyth’s on Princes Street, Edinburgh. On the way to the school uniform department, there was always a model dressed in a Scotland rugby shirt. It was awe inspiring for young kids. Alas, no one manufactured replica shirts in the 1970s.

This initial purchase fed my interest. Next I bought a 1980’s type Scotland strip – still no kit suppliers’ logo or advertising. I seemed to lose control. Before I knew it – a 1950’s British Lions rugby shirt arrived from the next click. Thereafter, my old school rugby shirt and I even started wearing my old mothballed rugby shirts that I wore when coaching rugby 20 years ago.

I stopped, tried to take control and for a short period bought nothing. That was until I watched Scotland play football in the recent World Cup Qualifiers. I realised I didn’t have anything to wear whilst supporting Scotland. A quick check of and my Dennis Law 1967 unofficial World Champions strip arrived. It is the long sleeved jersey that Law used to hold the cuffs with his hands. I felt like a 12 year old when I put it on – albeit a much larger fit! Then.. click.. a Brazilian Pele 1970 World Cup winners strip, followed by my 1907 Scotland primrose and raspberry football jersey.

I should add that I have a good collection of framed shirts that I have gathered or been given during the years. Scotland cricket team shirts signed, Scotland and Lions rugby shirts signed by Ian McGeehan, but my prized possession is a signed Stewart’s Melville RFC jersey signed by three British Lions, the late Douglas Morgan ( Lions 1977), Jim Calder (Lions 1983) and Finlay Calder (Lions 1989). It is proudly positioned in our Powdermills Bed & Breakfast Dining Room.

On reflection, my addiction is not to Amazon, it is an obsession with rugby and football. The lockdown has exacerbated the problem. I have not been able to watch a ‘live’ game of rugby for 16 months and it is obviously getting to my psyche! Roll on the opening up of our life so that I can once again go and support my beloved Stewart’s Melville RFC at Inverleith. This time however, I will be wearing one of my many new replica shirts as I cheer them on!