Mabel’s Share

One of our guests asked me the other day, would I mind if she took a sausage, which she had leftover, for her dog?

Of course, I didn’t mind. But, I said, I couldn’t speak for another member of the household who would be devastated at not getting her share of any leftovers. That being Mabel.

Have you seen the Scottish film ‘The Angels’ Share’ – the social realism comedy drama by Ken Loach?   It’s a great film.   And it’s all about who is getting a share – and in this case, of whisky – and although not with the same intensity, at Powdermills we have ‘Mabel’s Share’.  

Our dogs are not allowed in the dining area when breakfasts are being served. And guest dogs are asked to be kept in their rooms, or to be safely put in their cars. Mabel and Boo are relegated into the utility room, just off the dining area, on a dog bed, hopefully, to sleep. 

But Mabel is too bright for sleeping during breakfast time.  And if she is quiet, she is likely to  be listening. We think she is trying to gauge when guests have finished their breakfasts. 

And over the months Mabel has got to know that if anyone leaves anything she and Boo will get a wee treat. A wee bit of toast, a bit of sausage or a corner of potato scone. On a rare day she’s nearly up to a full Scottish! 

However, what is difficult for Mabel is that not many people leave anything. And if she thinks anyone is likely to forget about her, she starts barking. 

We are then full of apologies- ‘hush Mabel’, ‘be quiet Mabel’, all to no avail and sees me rushing into the utility room with bits of toast to quieten her. And, the other day, not content with waiting, early in the morning Mabel helped herself to Ginty, the collie dog’s tin of dog food that had been left out on the step over night. Mabel was half way down the drive her head in a can and her tail wagging frantically with delight.  And don’t get me started on what is the ‘Sue’ chef’s share and what she wants for her breakfast!