Am I bothered?

You might recall that we were visited by a guest with a huge tractor back in 2019. It was quite an exciting visit for Powdermills B&B. However, our guests usually arrive in standard forms of transport. But I received a call a month ago that was out of the ordinary.

“Is that Powdermills B&B?”
“Yes I replied, how can I help you?”
“Do you have parking at the B&B?” Asked the caller.
“Of course..” I went off on my usual ramble about a little car park with designated spaces for each guest.
“No, I mean large spaces, for a trailer?”

I continued on my spiel, mentioning the guest we accommodated in 2019, waxing lyrical that it was a ‘enormous tractor’, so no need to worry.

“Is it a tractor?” I enquired.
“No it is a Hovercraft, I am sailing it on Loch Fyne and I need somewhere safe to site it during the evenings.”

Once I had established it was not a hovercraft of the size that used to sail the channel, I was only too willing to take the booking. So, over the last two days we have had a hovercraft staying with our guest. We are very busy, so I have not had the time to go down to Loch Fyne and watch it hover! But, it looks fun enough just sitting on its trailer in the Car Park.

Powdermills B&B is not bothered by a Hover.