In Mr Pia’s Fish & Chip Shop with Mabel’s Blog

Sometimes it is the right time to eat Fish & Chips. Or fish supper as it is called in Scotland. And that time is usually holiday time for visitors to Inveraray.  

One of our guests turned up to Powdermills Bed & Breakfast recently on a Saturday and asked for a good place to eat for an evening meal.  We went through the list of great places in Inveraray at different price ranges to sit in and eat but then happened to mention that there was good fish and chips to be had at Mr Pia’s, if they wanted something quick and tasty.

That evening we had one of our girls staying with us and we decided having thought about fish and chips that I would go up to Inveraray and get us a couple of fish suppers, or a haggis one as John wanted. 

I jumped in the car and off I went.  When I got there on what was a beautiful summer’s evening having luckily parked right outside Mr Pia’s, inside it was packed inside with visitors.  Standing in the queue and listening as the man behind the counter explained again that a fish supper came with chips, I noticed that our B&B guests were in and waiting for their order.

I gave them a wave and shouted, ‘Good choice.’  They waved back and laughed.

All of the fish in Mr Pia’s is freshly cooked so on hearing that my large order would take about nine minutes, I stood outside where some people were sitting at some tables and I got talking to an English father and his daughter and the father asked me who Mabel was? 

John and I like to think that we know about marketing – from our previous working lives – and we had purchased some T-shirts with our Powdermills logo on and some with Mabel, our boxer dog on, as her photograph fronts our blog.  I was wearing the Mabel Blog t-shirt that night.  I said that she was our dog and explained that we had a blog.  They said that they had a dog a collie mix.  On that I left to catch up with my daughter who was standing near to the pier by the Vital Spark. 

Trying to work out when my time would be up for my order, I went back to Mr Pia’s and waited for my order.  As I waited, I took off my glasses to look at a copy of a map of Inveraray that was on the counter.  Near to me I heard a voice saying, ‘There’s someone else with one of those Mabel t-shirts on.’  And another voice reply, ‘No, Dad, that is the same woman.’  ‘No, he said, it isn’t, she had glasses on.’   I put my glasses back on and we all burst into laughter.     ‘I think my dog could write a blog,’ he said.

It was the right time to take my fish supper back home.  Can’t recommend Mr Pia’s enough.