Grass Circles at Powdermills

The glorious weather we have been having in Argyll has meant the plants and fauna in the grounds are growing really fast. Our bog, full of wild flowers, bee hives, birds nests and small rodents, is bustling with the smells and the noises of a hot summer’s day. The grass and reeds are growing to some height.

All of which provides cover for Boo and Mabel when they are out for a walk. The camouflage allows for either one to ambush the other with near impunity. I am forever chasing them onward as we take their constitutional walks.

However, there has been some odd imprints on the long bog grass, similar to the crop circles you have probably seen in the news.

Have aliens been visiting Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in secluded Furnace, Inveraray? We needed to investigate as it is said that ghosts or odd happenings increases the guests visits exponentially if there some mystery associated with a hostelry.

Alas, this morning on an early dawn walk all was wonderfully revealed. As we meandered along the path, there was a sudden movement. The dogs could not see over the long grass but I could. There, in all its glory, was a beautiful female deer who had been sleeping in the bog. She pranced away ballet like and incredibly quietly into a clump of large oak trees and some respite. Boo and Mabel were blissfully unaware.

So no Unidentified Flying Objects here but just a WWA – a Wonderful Wild Animal!