Flora and Fauna at Powdermills Bed and Breakfast

It is nearly two years ago that we moved into Powdermills, near Inveraray and started our Bed and Breakfast. The biggest challenge has been to manage the gardens, which are vast. The grass cutting is time consuming but satisfying; the weeding very necessary; and the ongoing maintenance of the different areas of the grounds demanding. However, you do not really have to have an in depth knowledge of horticulture to get by – just a lot of sweat and grunt.

But the lockdown has given me time to get to know our gardens and I have been helped by a superb app Picture this that has allowed me to identify the flora and fauna from a photograph on my iPhone. It has been very educational for me and a great credit to the previous owners who clearly planted extensively. The variety is breath taking and I have probably only scratched the surface. I have detailed some of the plants, flowers and shrubs below but there is some way to go.

So when you visit us at Powdermills Bed and Breakfast near Inveraray, remember it is not just Sue’s fabulous baking and our fine Scottish breakfast that awaits, it is the grounds with unrivalled flora and fauna to enjoy.