A Healthy Choice

Taking a holiday is meant to be relaxing and health sustaining.  My personal experience is when I am on vacation, an accident or illness always strikes.  In my case it is usually ear infections from lots of swimming in the sea.  Invariably, it means the stress of having to find a doctor or a hospital and obtain medicines. 

So, when you come and stay at Powdermills Bed & Breakfast near Inveraray, it is important that you are assured that access to health services is not difficult.  Mid Argyll has a very modern and excellent Community Hospital in Lochgilphead.  This is a 17-mile drive from Furnace.  It has an Accident & Emergency department which I have used when I slipped on a walk and injured my leg.  This included a stay in the hospital whilst I recovered.  So, I can say without reservation that the care of the doctors, nurses, physios and support staff are excellent. 

Mid Argyll has a GP practice that has daily surgeries in Lochgilphead, Inveraray and bi-weekly in Furnace.  The practice operates a telephone call back system.  So, if you take ill and make a call to the surgery, the Doctor will initially call back to review your symptoms before they decide whether to book you in for an appointment.  The system works well.

Finding a dentist if you get toothache or lose a filling is not as local.  There is a dentist serving Lochgilphead but there is limited availability.  The other option is a drive to Oban where there are several dental practices, but we use the very modern and professional Oban Dental Care.