Walks at Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in Furnace, Inveraray

Powdermills has several walks around the grounds for a leisurely stroll or with the dogs. The views of Loch Fyne are stunning from the Oak Wood as it rises to a height of 100 meters where the actual Gun Powder Mill was situated and where the pond held the water to drive all the machinery required for the works. There are four walks of varying length and exertion.

The Howden – is named after a walk from my childhood in East Lothian. It was the foreboding that I felt when my Granny would announce that we were going for a walk up the ‘Howden’. These walks were always uphill and strenuous. However, this walk is worth the effort as the views are stunning despite a short uphill stretch. Thereafter, it drops down through the gardens and the Rhododendron lane.

The Pear Tree – is short stroll through some Rhododendron bushes to stone chairs and table. It has been named as it was a gift from friends which we planted optimistically in the Autumn of 2018. Time will tell whether any it bears any fruit.

The Manager’s House – is a short walk to some of the Mill houses and particularly the Manager’s House.

The Fyne Swing View – is an uphill walk to the wooden swing which is situated in the clearing of the wood, that provides glorious views of Loch Fyne. It is relaxing to sit and gently swing and admire the beauty of the vista.