Tour guide Boo

We are only too happy to give guests hints and suggestions for areas to visit or things to do. We love to promote Argyll and Scotland. We are pleased when guests return to Powdermills with tales of what a fantastic day they have had on the Isle of Ghia, lunch in Campbeltown, or the thrill on their faces when they realise they have driven the ‘Long and Winding Road‘ and viewed the beach where the music video of ‘Mull of Kintyre‘ was filmed. So we see ourselves as not just part of the hospitality industry but Tour Guides in the wider tourist sector.

And so too, does Boo, our Boxer! She loves visitors to Powdermills Bed & Breakfast, near Inveraray. Every new guest is checked out – we call it ‘kicking the tyres’. First, she has to inspect the guests’ cars in the Car Park for the smells from afar. Next, she embarks on her charm offensive – nose on the windows of each bedroom patio doors. This is simply to discover if the occupants will come and play with her! Alas, most fall for her charms and before the know it, they are throwing one of her many tennis balls for her to fetch. Of course, what the guests do not realise is that Boo does not have an ‘off’ switch. Shutting the patio doors rarely dissuades her from keeping vigil on the off chance that there may be a game to play.

For some guests, this is not a problem as they are only too willing to play with Boo. Last summer, we had a visitor from the Ukraine who spent three evenings playing with Boo until the sunset much to chagrin of his partner. This year it has been the same but with a twist. Boo has now taken to ‘going a walk’ with guests. Somehow she is manging to inveigle herself with visitors who are walking the grounds. We call this Boo in ‘tour guide mode’. Some guests have no choice of the accompanying Tour Guide – others seem happy for her to tag along.

The other day, she trotted off with a couple from Wales. It was raining ‘cats and boxers’ but it did not discourage them. The bedraggled troupe returned forty five minutes later soaked through. The breathless guest explaining that he was trying to find Boo’s ball which she had dropped into the stream. I should have explained that Boo’s idea of ‘fetch’ is collaborative. In fact, she drops the ball in water and tries to get it out – that is her game. Also, ‘fetch’ is not such an apt name for the play – she struggles to drop the ball on command and you tend to find you are playing ‘fetch’ for her. I am afraid this guest discovered this in a rainstorm.

However, it turned out that this man was a Boxer lover and had owned two in the past. And when he left he patted Boo and said being taking for a walk was a ‘treat’! As for our other Boxer Mabel – she does not do ‘rain’ otherwise the guests might had another tour guide!