The show must go on!

Bamako is the capital of what country?

Bernard Herschel Schwartz is the real name of what movie star?

Phobos and Deimos are the moons on what planet?

Yes – the monthly Furnace Quiz night is back after a summer break. It is exactly a year since we attended our first night to test our general knowledge. Sue and I were a bit apprehensive but we should not have been. We were welcomed with wonderful community spirit. And so it proved last Friday, we felt at home amongst our ‘ain folk’. That sense of belonging to Furnace has visited us very quickly.

We lived in Edinburgh for twenty years and hardly knew our next door neighbours other than pleasantries. Here, in the west we have felt warmth and friendship. This is just one example of how we have settled in at Powdermills. In fact, someone said to me several times on Friday, that I looked really happy (I clearly couldn’t have last year!). However, that is how we are feeling, relaxed and enjoying running a Bed & Breakfast and meeting new and diverse guests everyday. It’s hard work but very satisfying.

At the centre of the Furnace community is the local shop and Post Office. It has recently been purchased by the Furnace Community Trust and the new owners, Cindy and David, have transformed the shop in just a short space of time. The Post Office has not been operating fully until David was trained. This was started this week and the Post Office trainer is staying with us for the week. It has made us feel even more part of the village. A local shop and Post Office is vital for the well being of small communities. We probably understood this fact when we lived in Edinburgh but over the last year that has been engrained in our psyche.

Our experience over the last year has made us want to do our bit for the community, sometimes by simply attending events and providing raffle presents. So, on the 20th September – we will be attending our first ‘sing-along’ in the Village Hall! It’s show tunes! We are not sure what this will entail but who cares if we are we are a bit self conscious because this does not matter when you are with friends and raising some money for the village.

By the way the answers are Mali, Tony Curtis and Mars. And no we did not win – one team achieved 92 correct answers out 100. Better luck in October!