The Leacainn Walk and Auchindrain Township

There are many walks in Argyll but we are fortunate to have The Leacainn Walk on our door step. In fact, you can join the walk at the top of Powdermills. The walk takes about takes 2-3 hours depending on your experience. It will take you up one side of the river Leacainn, cross over at Auchindrain and down the other and into the village of Furnace. The views of Loch Fyne and the landscape are stunning and the wildlife, flora and fauna are fascinating.

The Auchindrain Township is halfway on the walk. This is an example of a Scottish Highland farm township. The buildings and land illustrate life in the old Highlands. The settlement shows how ordinary folk lived and worked. There are restored longhouses and histories of past inhabitants; and byres, stables and fields that show how the families worked the land in common. Auchindrain is a genuine historic siteĀ ,nothing has been added or taken away. It is well worth a visit separately, but as a stop over on the Leacainn walk, it is an ideal opportunity to recharge your batteries and have a coffee in the visitors centre and take a walk round. It recently featured on the BBC programme Countryfile.