People don’t come to Scotland for the weather

It is just as well that our guests at Powdermills Bed and Breakfast do not come on holiday to Scotland for the weather. Resident Scots are all too aware of the vagaries of our changeable climate. An oft-quoted anecdote by Scots is how we can experience every season (sun, sleet, hail, snow and fog) in a single day.

In the August of 2019 we haven’t seen snow but rain, more rain and yes… more rain! August has been a washout! It has rained 22 days consecutively. Of course, it is showers, which is normal, but these showers appear heavier and more prolonged for summer months. In contrast, June and July were very hot and humid. Sue and I even selfishly joked that ‘global warming’ may make Inveraray the new Mediterranean and could be good for business. Well, if the planet is warming up – it certainly has missed us here at Powdermills in the last three weeks.

Sue and I are apologetic when discussing the weather with guests. We are embarrassed that this might ruin their holiday. On the contrary, most have said it has been a pleasant respite from the searing heat of continental Europe. In fact, the only complaints have been from guests asking what clothes to wear in our climate. One guest explained that he started with three layers of clothing and a raincoat for the showers; but after the showers subsided, he was sweltering with the heat when the sun came out; so he stripped down to shorts and T-shirt, only to be caught in a sudden downpour! Another Dutch guest could not believe that we managed our water so poorly here in Scotland, by allowing rivers to just drain into the Sea Lochs! I could only dryly reply, ‘in Scotland we are not short of water’!

But what we have realised is that a visit to Scotland is not for the weather. There is so much to do and see in all weathers. And we have yet to meet a guest who does not find Scotland, its beauty, culture, history and …yes, even its climate, as part of the mystique that makes this country so special.

So, I am told by the weather forecasters that this weekend is going to be dry and hot – it will be a blessing but it will not stop us enjoying what we like to call ‘God’s country’ – well the changeable weather one.