Even in the Quietest moments

On a few occasions during the year the Furnace quarry sets off an amount of dynamite to blast out the quarry’s stone.

Warnings of the impending event are given with a poster up in the Furnace Village shop of the dates and times. But if like me you do not pay attention to signs for too busy chatting, then when that blast goes off it is loud.

Cleverly though the blasts haven’t ever occurred when our guests are staying. So, no explanation is required.  This is good because several our guests staying at Powdermills B&B, near Inverarary, often comment on how quiet it is.

And it is. Especially inside the house, double glazing, but also outside and obviously during lockdown it was so quiet. This was in part because there was no traffic on the A83 from Inveraray to Lochgilphead.

But we are in a new normal now and the traffic of tourists – motor bikes, motor homes, and cars is back. And, as we are part of Scotland’s hospitality trade, we are incredibly grateful.

We had our first motorcyclists of the year this week. Three guys up from north London. Real professionals. Great bikes and all the gear. And in the area for a whisky tour. Go guys.

In this nice weather we have been sitting outside a lot. We were doing that on the first day we opened. We had earlier that day signed up with Booking.com. And not really expecting anyone, we had settled outside on the patio with a few nibbles and some wine when a motorcycle roared up the drive. We were in a huge panic. It was a Dutch couple who had booked literally three hours after we went on Booking.com.  We were up and running.

But ‘Even in the quietest moments’ (Super Tramp) we can hear an abundance of birds in the garden. We even have a resident heron now. Henrietta, John’s idea. But she doesn’t seem to make a sound.

PS.  Regarding the Supertramp song, ‘Even in the quietest moments’, and for those who know it the song starts with birds singing. John has caught me out twice now when we have been sitting outside listening to it by saying, “Can you hear the birds?” and stupidly I have said “Yes!”, while looking up in the sky for the birds. I put it down to the quiet and not the wine!