Powdermills Bed and Breakfast in Argyll welcomes dogs because Sue and I love dogs.  We decided that when we started the Bed & Breakfast that it would be dog friendly.  In part, in recognition that our choices for holidays were restricted due to our dogs.  Also, Powdermills Bed & Breakfast has beautiful grounds for dogs to enjoy.

We love all dogs, mongrel or pedigree.  Sue had a Cairn Terrier in her childhood, but I have always had Boxers.  Jason was my first and he was my unruly companion throughout my teenage years – we were both quite a handful.  In fact, I have had ten Boxers over the years and there is a rogues gallery in the dinning room for visitors to enjoy. 

So, it’s safe to say that when Crufts was on telly, as it was last week, we are transfixed with the different breeds, their agility and obedience.  Crufts is one of the premier Dog shows in the world.  Every year we scour the coverage for snippets on the working dog group and particularly Boxers.  Normally, we are lucky if there is a ten second clip of the Boxers.  So, this year it was fantastic to watch Dave the Boxer win in the working dogs’ group and go head to head with the six other categories for Best in Show.  Channel Four had a twitter poll to find out the who was the people’s choice for champion.  And #dave won with 49% of the vote.  Alas the judge didn’t agree.  But, there was some consolation for the owner and Dave when Kevin (Dave’s nephew) won Puppy Best in Show.

At Powdermills Bed & Breakfast there will always be a welcome for your dogs especially if it happens to be a Boxer.