Christmas Message

This is our last weekly episode of 2023.  We’re taking a well-earned holiday until the 14th of January in 2024.  Our Book Club Special, still to be recorded, will be online before Christmas.  We have aired 44 episodes this year.  It started out as a project for my university course that grew arms and legs.  It’s been hugely rewarding for Sue and me, and we have enjoyed many guests who have entertained us, and I hope you, the listeners. 

            Season 2 – yes, that does sound a bit professional; we will try to have four book club specials during the year.  And I would like to start including recordings of some writers reading out their short stories or poems.  In addition, we will continue to ask guests to join us and share insights into their lives and their reading.

            Powdermills B&B has had a busy and record-breaking year, although it has been spoiled by the ‘cost of living’ crisis’ which made us feel that, at times, we were ‘running to stand still’. Regardless, we’ve had varied and interesting guests for whom it has been our pleasure to provide hospitality, and we’re thankful that our business continues to set and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction.  Orders for next year are well advanced.

            On the family front, it has been an eventful year.  My sister Fiona and her husband Bill visited us from Australia in the summer.  Islay has now finished her studies in Belgium and has some research to write to gain her doctorate.  She’s back home plotting her next move, and we’re enjoying her company.  Izzy is also back home, planning a career move back to Edinburgh in 2024.  She’s in her usual sparkling form. 

JJ and Alexis are awaiting the arrival of their new baby sometime next week.  They have had the excitement and wonder of starting a new family – 2024 will definitely mark a change in their lives.  As it will for Sue and me, grandparents, it fills us with joy and anticipation as we enter a new phase in our lives.

Christmas – not that I’m religious – is a time for reflection on the past and the future.  Moreover, the snow and the cold weather have made me reminisce about past family Festive seasons.  I’ve been thinking of my Mum and Dad and how engaged they would have been in their grandchildren’s lives.  So, looking back is always tinged with sadness, but the good memories, which are increasingly all I recall of my childhood, provide a warm, comforting feeling of continuity.  This Campbell Clan is travelling on a journey full of opportunity, happiness, and joy.  It is a circle of life.

And I mustn’t forget the Kirkby’s – Sue’s Mum, Dot, managed to recover well enough and moved out of the care home and back to her house.  She’s fit and well looked after.  Sue’s sister Sally does a fantastic job of visiting and attending to her needs, and we are very grateful.    So, a special Christmas greeting to Sally, her husband Phillip, their kids, Estella (now at university) and Ted.

Finally, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the following:

  • Morag and Hugh and their family
  • Fiona and Bill and their family
  • Dot, Sally, Philip, Ted, and Estella.
  • Our neighbours and the community of Furnace
  • Powdermills B&B customers, past, present, and future
  • Sue and Johnny – Everything and Anything guests and listeners.
  • Sue’s friends Janie and Kathy.
  • My friends – old schoolmates from the recent reunion, Derek & Joan, and my old mucker Anthony.
  • And anyone who knows us!

See you in 2024!