Boo’s Bark!

Of course, this is Mabel’s blog but since we launched Powdermills Bed & Breakfast, Boo our red Boxer has joined the Campbell clan. She is proving quite a hit with our guests, charming her way into their affections. She is friendly and desperate to communicate and interact with visitors. In contrast, Mabel is more reflective and aloof; friendly when she is in the mood. But if she has been sleeping, or doing her own thing, she can take attention or leave it.

And so we thought that this was a great opportunity to introduce another section on our web site for fast, quick and informative communication for our guests and potential customers. Actually, the idea came from our daughter Izzy, home for a short visit from London. She’s home, not to see us, but to see the dogs. As usual she was taking lot of pictures of the dogs and the photo above sparked the idea.

So we are happy to report the introduction of Boo’s Bark which we will update regularly with short, sharp news of what’s happening in Argyll.